In the quest for optimum health, a well balanced approach intricately involves how we move, think and eat.  



We covered the essentials to eating well in the previous section (See Nutritional Support).


MOVE WELL – “Life is Motion and Motion is Life”

When speaking about moving well  it starts with creating “body balance” through a healthy functioning nervous system. 

If the brain and body aren’t communicating clearly then our muscles don’t work properly (faulty neuromuscular control – the brain telling the right muscles to fire in the right amounts in the right order) and we are not upright in gravity properly due to poor posture which results from these muscle imbalances.  When this foundational issue gets corrected the human frame can move and can appropriately handle the stresses of life as the body was designed to.

Once our patients reach a point where the nervous system has stabilized, we recommend a variety of custom tailored stretching and strengthening exercises that can be performed at home with little to no equipment.  We also are partners with yoga instructors that will instruct you in your own home catered to your specific physical condition.  As well we recommend local yoga studios that have classes with a range of difficulty levels which can benefit our patients on both physical and spiritual planes.




On the voyage towards health restoration and optimal function, the people we surround ourselves with and the thoughts we allow to dominate our inner reality ultimately manifest in our health and in our outermost tangible world.  If we allow ourselves to spend time with “toxic” people and allow “toxic” attitudes to dominate our thought process, we find our health deteriorating no matter what we eat, or how much we exercise.    

When two separate people hold distinctly positive and negative points of view, if the same course of events happened to those people there will be completely different health outcomes.

The person with the negative perspective believes that they have a black cloud over them and that everyone’s out to get them.  They tend to believe that every bump in the road is the end of the world and have a general doomsday attitude with every encounter.

Subscribing to this attitude, this person releases hormones and chemicals that releases fat and sugars into the blood (hyperglycemia and high cholesterol).  As well this person will have a tendency to store fat around the waistline and have an elevated blood pressure.  These are all precursors to chronic disease (ie, heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, obesity).

The person who holds the positive point of view has a light perspective and looks at what others may consider to be failures as learning experiences and is full of gratitude for what good there is in their lives no matter what.  Biochemically, this produces a cascade of hormones and neurotransmitters that fight cancer, ward off bacteria and viruses, increase the efficiency of insulin receptors as well as promote cardiovascular health.


To promote a positive perspective throughout all life’s stressful encounters, we suggest daily meditation, visualizations, affirmations, powerful breathing techniques, yoga and a variety stress management techniques.  

Make sure to check our calendar of events to find regular workshops that will highlight these lifestyle management techniques and many more.