Digital X-ray

We have invested in state of the art xray equipment (high frequency, digital) that gives us the best quality image and has the least amount of exposure risk for the patient.

We are more like spinal engineers and these xrays serve as our blueprints.



We take four films, two from the front, one from the top and one from the side in order to gather a three dimensional study of the atlas. The impressive results that Advanced Orthogonal practitioners regularly enjoy are due to the precision in which the xrays are taken and analyzed. 




Advanced orthogonal doctors are one of a very small group of chiropractors who after the initial xrays are taken and the first adjustment is administered take another two xrays (from front and top).  The reason for this second set of xrays is to verify that the measurements get better and the head and neck to become more upright.  We know that when this happens the communication between brain and body becomes clearer and patients health and proper function restore.