Welcome and thank you for choosing PRECISION Upper Cervical Center of NJ. At PRECISION Upper Cervical Center of NJ we pride ourselves in our unrivaled drive to help the people in our community achieve optimum function, live pain-free lives and thrive as humans are intended to.  We know the most effective way to do this is with gentle Upper Cervical Chiropractic care (NO TWISTING/POPPING/CRACKING).

In our state of the art facility, we see some of the most serious and chronic cases (look under "What conditions respond") come into our office and achieve great results after experiencing a long road of failures.  We know that unless you have tried the Upper Cervical difference then you may never enjoy long term corrections.




IS YOUR HEAD ON STRAIGHT?  The body accommodates to its internal and external environments by sending millions upon millions of messages to the brain in an attempt to adapt to the ever changing conditions that exist.  The response to those signals is then sent back to the body whether the original signal was clear or distorted.  When the original signal is distorted faulty messages are sent to cells, tissues, organs, and muscles. 


Click here for Dr. Bello's Peer Reviewed Paper on Upper Cervical and Parkinson's




When the first bone in the neck, called the Atlas bone or C1 vertebra, is not in its proper position signals are distorted thus choking off the healing and self-regulating messages attempting to be relayed back and forth from brain to body and from body to brain.  We refer to this as Body Imbalance.


 Click Here for Video on "Body Imbalance"


Healing – if you cut your finger, your brain sends the messages for the bleeding to stop and the skin to eventually repair. 

Self-Regulation – the brain sends signals that make your heart beat, lungs breathe, and liver produce proteins etc.


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During Body Imbalance, this communication does not act like a traditional light switch where there are only two options, power on or power off.  It's more like a dimmer switch where if things don't change for the better the light (your life force) becomes progressively dimmer and at some tipping point body breakdown (or dis-ease) happens.  This is when symptoms occur and disease processes thrive.


This breakdown of the body manifests in everybody very differently. Some people begin to have symptoms of asthma, others will have digestive issues and some people will develop low back pain with associated sciatica (check under "What conditions respond" for a more comprehensive list).